The cannabis industry is continuously evolving, introducing innovative practices that contribute to its growth and development. A perfect example of this evolution is evident in the operation of our Cannabis Provisioning Centers. These centers are breaking away from traditional business models and adopting better sophisticated strategies to provide an enhanced consumer experience.

The Pioneering Cannabis Provisioning Center Initiative

New Standard has pioneered the Cannabis Provisioning Center concept, which forms the keystone of the company’s strategy in delivering top-quality cannabis products to its customers. With the consumer at the center of its operations, the emphasis has been on an all-round satisfactory customer experience that fuels loyalty and promotes a broader understanding of the benefits of cannabis.

Bespoke Purchase Experience

The Cannabis Provisioning Centers have been designed to offer a bespoke purchase experience. The centers offer a range of services, including consultations and curated product lines that suit individual customer needs. New Standard believes that education is as important as the product, ensuring customers understand what they’re purchasing, the benefits, and how to use it effectively.

Implementing Strict Quality Control

At New Standard, quality is imperative. Our Cannabis Provisioning Centers deploy rigorous quality control measures to ensure that only the best products reach consumers. Strict compliance with legal regulations is maintained, and transparency is practiced at all levels to ensure customer trust and satisfaction.

Community Engagement and Giving Back

Community and culture play a vital role in New Standard’s business model. A part of the revenue generated by the Provisioning Centers is directed towards community development initiatives. This commitment to give back to the society that sustains it sets New Standard apart in the industry.

In conclusion, New Standard’s Cannabis Provisioning Centers have set the bar high in the cannabis industry. They align with the company’s promising objective of becoming a trusted partner in the cannabis journey of individuals, fostering an environment that welcomes all.

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