From the culturally-rich heart of Albuquerque to the UFO-centric Roswell, cannabis innovation thrives in the hands of Pecos Valley Production – the forerunner in serving New Mexico’s growing medical and recreational cannabis community. But, our contribution extends beyond the bounds of mere production. We stand for responsibility, education, and the potential of a healthful, balanced lifestyle through the use of cannabis.

Are you in Alamogordo or Clovis? If you’ve never been to a pot shop before, don’t be shy! Our warm-hearted, knowledgeable staff at Pecos Valley Production are ready to guide you. We have a massive collection of buds, edibles, concentrates, and tinctures that cater to a dynamic range of tastes and needs.

Imagine you’re in Las Cruces, the university town renowned for its southern charm. Life can get pretty hectic, right? Unwind and enjoy a moment of tranquility at our recreational cannabis dispensary – a haven for everyone 21 years and older. Here, we host a selection of top-tier cannabis products sourced and cultivated with meticulous care.

Hey, there Hobbs! Seeking a reliable medical marijuana dispensary that champions quality? Look no further. At Pecos Valley Production, we dedicate ourselves to provide high-quality, strain-specific products packed with beneficial cannabinoids. We believe that everyone deserves access to clean, safe, and effective medical cannabis products.

In the adventure of discovering the potential of cannabis wellness, Pecos Valley Production is your foretoken of excellence. Experience the pinnacle of New Mexico’s cannabis culture across our various locations. We take pride in our products and are dedicated to improving the lives of our consumers everyday.

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