Sometimes, when the beach breeze blows through Marina Del Rey, a different scent mingles with the sea salt air – The fresh aroma of high-quality cannabis from MMD Shops Marina Del Rey . Where else can you stroll off the sandy shores straight into a welcoming place, ready to take your beach day up a notch?

MMD Shops Marina Del Rey: Pioneers of Leaf and Sea

With roots dating back to 2006, MMD Shops are veterans of perfect moments intertwined with the golden coast and green buds. One of four locales scattered across Southern California, the Marina Del Rey branch understands that a good ‘high’ tide is more than just a play on words.

Cannabis Curated for Coastal Connoisseurs

Whether you’re a local or a beach-loving tourist, this dispensary’s doors are always open. MMD Shops carry a range of cannabis products from top brands, guaranteeing that your beach blanket bingo or sunset surf session is accompanied by the perfect strain. So next time you find yourself needing a cannabis dispensary, just follow your nose towards the ocean and look for the MMD Shops Marina Del Rey.

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