At S&H GreenLife, we aim to enlighten our communities about the transformative power of cannabis. We started our venture in La Luz and High Rolls, NM, operating a dispensary as a beacon of hope and wellness. But we knew our mission wasn’t meant to be restricted within those borders.

Venturing south, we extended our reach towards Tularosa and Alamogordo, NM, opening our cannabis stores to provide more people with access to a holistic approach towards wellbeing. For us, each cannabis flower symbolized a step towards a community fully engaged in their wellness journey.

Not stopping there, we stretched our wings to Holloman AFB, NM – recreating our dispensary to service the brave hearts and minds at our base. We wanted to remind them that strength also lies in seeking support, in taking care of their physical and mental health.

Our journey led us to Boles Acres, NM, where we now operate as more than just a pot shop. We are an essential part of our customer’s journey towards a greener, healthier lifestyle. Join us in celebrating life, embracing nature, and holistic wellbeing with S&H GreenLife. Let us journey together towards a life thrumming with vitality.

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